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Aluminium chain screen doors are very popular for home or commercial use. They can be manufactured to any size from single doors to wide patio doors. The 'ultra durable' chains and header bars are manufactured in the UK and are fully anodised and totally rust proof. The chain screens are easily removed from the hanging brackets or pan head screw fixings for storage and are available in Silver and Gunmetal Grey and come ready assembled with all fixings included in the price.
Please enter the width and height r
equired into the calculator to get a quote, your screen will arrive ready assembled to your measurements, ready to hang! You may find our prices cheaper than most competitors, this isn't a reflection on quality, we can offer the screens at a realistic price as we are manufacturers rather than re-sellers!

As a guide, the overall height will be from the top of the hanging bar to the end of the chain, the hanging bar is 45mm deep. It is best to have the chain around 10mm off the base of the door frame, or floor, so that the chains can swing freely and fall back to hanging straight when walked through. 

If you need to convert form inches to mm's just multiply your dimensions x 25.4

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