Insect Screen Panels for Windows

£34.00 + vat

The panel insect screens are easy to assemble and install with our pre-cut ordering system the kits just simply slot together with no cutting required.

The insect screens can be installed inside or outside and are suitable for commercial and residential use and are an effective fly screen solution for keeping out flies, mosquitoes,
wasps, bees, midges and all other flying insects.

Just simply input your finished fly screen sizes and select your mesh to get an up to date price which you can then buy online.

Estimated delivery times are between 2 -5 working days

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insect screen panels


Contoured Aluminium frames finished in a scratch resistant polyester coating that will blend in seamlessly with existing frames making them almost invisible. The panel insect screens will come ready cut to your dimensions, simply slot together, insert mesh and fix to your window for instant flying insect protection. The frames are extruded aluminium 30mm x 11mm with a 1.5mm wall which provides maximum strength and durability

Commercial Panel insect Screens


Our panel insect screens can be manufactured for all sizes of windows and vents, if you have a requirement for a large screen contact us for a quote

insect Screen Hinges


Lift off hinges allow the panel fly screens to be easily removed. The fly screens can be hinged from the top or sides and the hinge depth is 12mm

insect Screen Turn Buttons


Heavy duty turn buttons that simply pivot to hold the hinged panel insect screens in place against the window frame, the turn button diameter is 16mm.

Insect Screen Frame


This image shows the frame used on the insect screen panels, strong extruded aluminium sections finished in a white polyester, scratch resistant coating

insect Screen Dimensions


The image shows the sizes of the turn buttons and fly screen frame

Insect mesh options


We offer a choice of meshes suitable for all applications;


Easy view mosquito mesh which will keep out all flying insects and spiders, apart from midges. The mesh allows excellent visibility and good air flow to keep your rooms cool.


Midge mesh keeps out all the large flies and the smaller midges and corn-flies.


Pet Mesh which will keep out all flying insects and spiders, apart from midges, the pet mesh has a stronger weave to help protect against occasional pet claw swipes.

pollen mesh options


Pollen mesh keeps out flies and also pollen and other allergens. Our pollen mesh is Certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and prevents the access of airborne particles and is invaluable for hay fever sufferers. This product comes with our personal guarantee of effectiveness as a hay fever sufferer I can now sleep with my windows open! The mesh is a knitted polyester weave of 80 microns with a 0.8 aperture and is available in a grey colour.

Sunox Mesh


Our insect screen panels are now supplied with Sunox mesh as standard which is naturally antibacterial. Sunox mesh filters the air, preventing the formation of germs and bacteria and reducing the presence of polluting particles in the air.

No Sawing


Are you tired of ordering goods and then you need to reach for the full toolkit to start sizing to your own specific requirements? So are we, so we decided to remove the hassle and we now pre-cut the frames to your ordered dimensions, no need to reach for the saw, simply unpack and slot together!

Hinged fly screen kit components


All of our panel insect screen kits will come with all the components to complete one fly screen to the size ordered.
Four aluminium frames finished in a white polyester coating, which will be cut to your exact dimensions
Four push in corner pieces to assemble the screen panel.
Slide on/off hinges that can be fitted on any side of the screen, and you can set the hinges so that the screens can be easily removed from your window if required, complete with screws to fix to the fly screen panel
Two turn buttons to hold the fly screen panel in place, complete with screws.
Enough mesh to complete the fly screen a mesh insertion tool and rubber gasket to hold the mesh firmly in place. You have the choice of our four colours of fly mesh, charcoal mesh, grey mesh, sand mesh and green mesh.

How to measure for fly screens


Click Here for instructions on taking measurements for your insect screen panels

How to measure for fly screens


Click on the image to watch a video on assembling the insect screens

Industrial Panel Fly Screens


The panel insect screens have been used on many commercial buildings